Centering Vim

Keep your cursor centered no matter where you are in Vim.


Mouse-wheel navigation is the norm for modern editors. When I started using Vim I carried that bad habit for a long time before I was able to stick with keyboard only navigation.

Navigating with the keyboard does have a steep learning curve and initial issues. It's difficult to see the context of the line that you're currently on. In order to center a line on screen you have to scroll ~20 lines lower than the section you're interested in.

That's frequently 5 additional keystrokes. That may not seem like much at first but try doing that hundreds of times during a days work.

Default scroll behaviour


The Final Snippet

This snippet is my solution to those concerns. It keeps the cursor vertically centered at all times and horizontally centered when you approach the sides of the window.

New scroll behaviour


" Keep cursor centered at all times
set scrolloff=999    " Minimum number of lines to keep above and below cursor
set sidescroll=5     " Increment size for horizontal scrolling
set sidescrolloff=15 " Start scrolling horizontally this far from the edge
set winwidth=40      " Minimum width for focused window

" Center with zz after all search commands
nmap n nzz
nmap N Nzz
nmap * *zz
nmap # #zz
nmap g* g*zz
nmap g# g#zz